Rapture – the written word issue

RAPTURE is an independent publication created, printed and designed by me. This edition of 20 is all hand-made, printed using screen-printing, letterpress, photopolymer plates and linoleum carving.

Rapture explores the little things that truly move us. Those moments that seem to touch the sublime. This issue of Rapture lives around the pleasure taken from the appreciation of the written word.

In order to explore this concept, I created a poster with a quote from Jorge Luis Borges that represented this love for reading. The postcards are a visual exploration of 7 books that have some particular meaning to me, each one with the first sentence of each book printed on it’s back. The booklet contains essays from Pedro Ferreira revolving around the theme of reading and literature.

Rapture was presented at Experimenta Design 2011, and was awarded a Jovens Criadores Graphic Design Award 2012.


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