A book on books

This is a book about books. The love for books. The book as an object that arrises passions and fear.
Winner of the Young Creators Award ’15 for Graphic Design.

As a book lover myself, I wondered what the ideal book was. For me, the ideal book had to unite beautiful, well thought out form, with content that makes you think or has the inexplicable ability to transport you to other lives. So this is a book that explores form and shape, presenting compelling words that express the strong relationship of man and the book-object.

The different content is presented in different visual styles, different page sizes and colours in order to represent the awesome variety that is the literary world.

The content chosen is a testimony to the passions that the book has arisen since its infancy: The Love of books – The Philobiblon of Richard De Bury (1345); Ten common mistakes in the production of books by Jan Tschichold; The Crystal Goblet, or Printing Should Be Invisible by Beatrice Warde; The Ideal Book by William Morris; and several quotes from various personalities, alongside examples of beautiful publications and some peoples’ favoutite books.


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